Restaurant Gorinchem
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Welcome to Restaurant 't Oude Stadt Huys Gorinchem

As the name suggests, Eat & drunkenness' t Oude Stadt Huys located in the former town hall of Gorinchem. In 2006, the Eat & drunkenness opened its doors in this beautiful building from 1860. The historic building is located in the center of Gorinchem. 't Oude Stadt Huys accommodate 35 people.

Also, the Dining & drunkenness on a terrace with + / - 125 seats on the Grote Markt and Vegetable Market. In the former town hall are also Gorcums Museum, Gorcumse Artoteek and the tourist office located.
With us you can enjoy one of the beautiful historic buildings that are rich in Gorinchem to just relax, just take it easy, take time for each other while enjoying a drink and maybe a snack. For a more extensive lunch or dinner you can also contact us.

The menu is based on the cuisine of countries around the Mediterranean. You can think of different types of tapas, mostly from Spain but also from other Mediterranean countries.
We also have a delicious 3-course menu where the dishes are mainly based on the French and Dutch cuisine. You can also contact us throughout the day by ordering different dishes. Furthermore, we have 90 different sandwiches. We can also (at lunch) serving soups and salads.

The lunch menu is from 11.00 to 16.00 and dinner is from 17.00 to 21.00. From 21.00 to 21.30 are only dishes to order. All this for a reasonable price with high quality is paramount.
Dining & drunkenness' t Oude Stadt Huys Gorinchem is easily accessible and there is ample parking in the vicinity.

For more information please call 0183-66 55 88.