Oude Stadthuys menu


Break bread
aioli - muhammara
€ 6,50
herb butter - tapanade
€ 6,50


served with bread *extra fries +€3,-

Vitello Tonato
veal roast beef - tuna mayonnaise
€ 11,50
Beef Tataki
onion - wakame - wasabi
€ 12,95
truffle - parmesan - rocket salad
€ 12,95
Salmon roll
capers - cream cheese - herb crust
€ 13,50
sour cream - spring onion
€ 7,25
cod - salmon
€ 7,75
Soup of the moment
ask our waiters
€ 7,25

Meal Salads

truffle - parmesan - seeds
€ 14,75
Goat cheese
walnut - apple
€ 14,75
cream cheese - onion - tomato - herb crust
€ 14,75
Beef tataki
onion - wakame - wasabi
€ 14,75
Aged cheese
dill mustard - onion - tomato
€ 14,75

Main courses

All our main courses are served with fries and mayonnaise

roasted pumpkin - pumpkin sauce - pumpkin seeds
€ 16,75
100% Vegan Burger
onion - tomato - muhammara
€ 18,75
King prawns
curry - wok vegetables - herb oil
€ 27,50
Pork medallions
duxelles - green asparagus - mushroom cream sauce
€ 19,50
Stadthuys Burger
angus beef - bacon - onion - tomato - cheddar
€ 17,75
bacon - chili sauce
€ 21,25
mushrooms - onion - pepper sauce
€ 22,25
indonesian beef stew - smoor terong
€ 20,50
lemon - remoulade sauce
€ 19,25
pork tenderloin - prawn crackers - fried onion
€ 18,50
Mixed fish
white wine - seasonal vegetables
€ 25,50
Salmon fillet
white wine -seasonal vegetables
€ 25,50


Chocolate Dessert
brownie - mousse - hazelnut - caramel ice cream
€ 7,75
Speculoos Cheesecake
cinnamon - mandarin - orange
€ 7,75
Tropical Dessert
mango - coconut - peanut - pineapple
€ 7,75
Crème brûlée
vanilla ice cream - grand marnier
€ 7,75

Worldly Bites!

From Monday to Sunday we offer you the opportunity to enjoy our World Bites until 22:00 hours.

You can order a maximum of 2 (different) dishes per person per round. However, per party we have a maximum of 6 different dishes per round. You can order new dishes when you finish these dishes.

Unlimited World Bites is only possible if all persons of the party choose for this. It is an evening filling arrangement. You can start the carefree arrangement until 20:00h at the latest.
With 7 or more persons we serve a chefs choice menu.

The costs for unlimited World Bites are:
Sunday to Thursday €29.50
Friday & Saturday €32.50
On holidays we charge the weekend rate of €32.50.

Of course you can also order our World Bites separately.

Potato Pasta dishes

Potato Pasta dishes
Choose from the following dishes
€ 4,75

Gnocchi pumpkin
Wesley's Roti with chicken and egg
Roseval potatoes
Patatas bravas

Meat dishes

Meat dishes
Choose from the following dishes
€ 6.25

Chorizo croquettes
Pork medallions mushroom sauce
Carpaccio with truffle sauce
Plateau charcuterie
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Chicken thigh with pesto and bacon
Ribbetjes with bacardilak
Chicken wings
Chicken skewers with truffle sauce
Dates with bacon
Yaki skewers
Belly bacon

Fish dishes

Fish dishes
Choose from the following dishes
€ 6,75

Smoked Mackerel with
Squid rings with aioli
Scampi in chili cream
Butterfly shrimp
Cod and white wine sauce
Deep-fried mussels with aioli
Prawn croquettes
Salmon roll herb crust with cream cheese
Wrap tuna salad

Vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian dishes
Choose from the following dishes
€ 5,50

Tomato soup
Marinated olives
Pepadew with cream cheese
Sweet and sour cucumber
Vegetable spring roll with chili sauce (€3.50)
Mushrooms in garlic
Onion rings with aioli
Vegetable croquettes
Greek salad


Choose from the following dishes
€ 4,75

Cheesecake speculoos
Crème brûlée
Sorbet ice cream lemon/lime

If you are allergic to any of the legal allergens, please let us know. However, we cannot guarantee that our products and dishes do not contain traces of allergens, because they are processed in our kitchen.

Unfortunately it is not possible to pay separately with us, but fortunately you can easily arrange this yourself via tikkie!